How do we plan to raise the financial support?

Through friends and family

Churches and Christians whom we have known for many years all over the United States

Organizations and business who want to invest in this worthwhile adventure of building a great soul-winning church that will have great impact on many lives

Personal financial giving from the pastoral launch team

We have a giant task of raising over $100,000 (during the next year) in start-up costs. Any financial support is helpful in achieving this large but viable goal. We are asking for a one-year financial partnership. Below is a breakdown of how 50 people and 20 churches could meet the entire goal:

Individual Partnership Goal:

30 people at $30/month = $10,800

10 people at $100/month = $12,000

 5 people at $200/month = $12,000

 5 people at $300/month = $18,000


Partner Churches/Organizations (C/O):

10 C/O’s at $100/month = $12,000

6 C/O’s at $250/month = $18,000

3 C/O’s at $500/month = $18,000

1 C/O at $1000/month = $12,000


50 people contributing for a total of $52,800

20 churches/organizations contributing  $60,000

Total contributions for one year = $112,800


Some contributors may consider giving a special gift up front, rather than giving monthly support. This is greatly appreciated as well.  We just ask you to pray and consider being a financial partner. 

Please fill out a partnership card or register online       Email:

Pastor Bob Barker 707-799-0410

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