Individual Partners

Become a partner today.


Together is better!  We believe God is preparing to build a great soul-winning church in Ventura, and we are His partners in this great adventure. We are asking for help in three strategic areas. 



Will you partner with us in prayer? We are intentionally seeking a serious, mature team of people to cover us with daily prayer.  This prayer team is not an addendum or afterthought; it is essential to the success of the mission as prayer is the most powerful tool at our disposal.  We invite you to join the powerful prayer army God is raising up to pray for “the miracle in Ventura.” 



Will you partner with us by joining our launch team?  We need you!  We need people to say, “Yes, I will GO!” We cannot do this alone.  However, if you will come and be a part, we can radically change a group of people that need Jesus and are desperate to live the great life God has planned for them.  The opportunity for participation is truly tremendous, whether the Lord calls you to join a short-term mission team at strategic points throughout the first year or to make the greater commitment of becoming a founding member of this new church.



Will you partner with us financially? Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). We feel that God has already prepared many people who are poised and ready to partner with us financially from the start of this process and onward. These individuals/churches/organizations/businesses will be an integral part of this move of God. We have decided not to be shy as we present our needs and vision for “Impact Ventura.”  As a launch team, we are investing personally to reach Ventura and will give all that we have to launch this great church.  However, we do need partners as we launch strong, starting and maintaining a level of excellence in everything we do, engaging the people of Ventura and the surrounding communities. Whether you commit to a one-time gift or establish a one-year partnership, your gift is much appreciated. All of your gifts are tax deductible. Please consider partnering with us financially.


These three areas are all very important in fulfilling the miracle in Ventura.  This is a strategic plan that is tried and tested, and we believe will be successful.  God is already bringing this plan together and speaking to people about joining the Impact Ventura team. 

Please fill out the "I want to partner with you" card at the bottom of the home page. Even if you are not sure how to get involved or how it all works we still want to hear from you.  

The plan is to reach people who do not have a relationship with Jesus. We want to introduce them to our Savior, our people, and our church so they can live the great life.  We have a plan that reaches into the market place where lost people live, work, and play. Our strategy includes strategic marketing, investing in relationships, inviting people to special events, healing hurts and meeting needs of people in the Ventura area.  This plan is specific and strategic and will take all of us partnering together and God to make it a reality. 

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