Phase I—Preparation & Partnership: October 2018 – March 2019

Develop partnerships with individuals, churches, and organizations.

Enlist prayer partners.

Enlist giving partners.

Enlist ministry teams to go to Ventura.

Speak and share vision with churches and individuals.

Develop a contact list of pastors and launch partners.

Establish the website and social media.

Recruit key families and individuals to move to Ventura.

Actively seek to build worship, children's, and youth ministry team.


Phase 2—Moving to Ventura: April 2019

Pastor Bob and Joleen move to Ventura.

Pastor Gene and Susan move to Ventura.


Phase 3—Impact Ventura Begins:  May 2019  (YAHOO!)

One-year partnerships begin for churches and individuals.

Prayer partners continue to pray and join the monthly skype prayer meeting.

Giving begins for both one-time gifts and monthly commitments.

Prayer walks and relational outreach begins.

Connect with neighbors, business, and community leaders.


Phase 4—Pre-Launch Phase:  June – August 2019

Recruit, inspire, develop, and resource the launch team locally and on-line.

Recruit and cultivate relationships with partners through effective communication.

Engage community by servant evangelism, participating in community-planned events, and conducting surveys.

Begin seeker small groups in various locations using different methods.

Develop strategic plan for preview services and launch day.

Buy necessary equipment, reserve all venues and obtain permits for all activities.

The strategic mass marketing campaign will be activated in July.

Plan and conduct community impact days & preview services (July & August).



September 22, 2019

PHASE 5—THE LAUNCH:  Sept 2019

Recruit and develop strategic volunteers and leaders for various areas (first impressions, assimilation, children’s, music, follow up, social media, multimedia,  nursery, & more)

Mobilize partner churches who commit to a weekend mission trip to Ventura (10 churches 10 weekends) — Saturday outreach and    advertisement blitz; fill in gaps in the ministry team for Sunday service

Begin bI-weekly preview services on Sept 22

Organize 10 community bridge events over the first six months

Communicate and celebrate with partners

Establish a plan for 10 weeks of targeted outreach & marketing that is focused on the lost

Create and preach intriguing and relevant sermon series to the needs of the unsaved people in Ventura county (Sept - Dec)

Establish Life Groups throughout the area that are on different  days and times

Establish a newcomers’ network focused on building relationships outside of church through building friendships

Establish “each one reach one” mentoring and every-member-a-greeter as the DNA of the church


Lead Pastor

Pastor Bob & Joleen

Executive Pastor

Pastor Gene & Susan

Children's Pastor

Pastor Dwayne & Christine


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